Top 15 Universities and their average SAT scores


Top 15 Universities and their average SAT scores

Students who want to study in USA must be aware of SAT exam, it is a standardized entrance test conducted mainly in USA. The test has a set pattern and format and consistent in its questions, curriculum, conditions of admission, scoring etc. It is generally conducted to give admission in the degree college across US. One can understand the importance of the test by looking at the scenario that almost all the colleges and universities in USA accept this SAT exam score to enroll students. Therefore the SAT exam score is one of the main eligibility criteria to get admission in USA colleges. This is main reason behind the popularity of this test. Here is list of top 15 USA colleges and their average SAT scores:


SAT Total

SAT Critical Reading

SAT Math

Harvard University

2070 - 2350

690 - 780

690 - 790


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