a sneak peek into EDUCATION SIMPLIFIED.


ATTENTION Young journalist and writers: a sneak peek into EDUCATION SIMPLIFIED.

Mytestbuddytm is coming up with a student’s magazine Education simplifiedtm which is going to be an all students ezine, students will be given an opportunity to feature on an online magazine. Education simplified is a student’s magazine.

It is an outlet for presenting different points of views in the student community. It is a place where passion for education and knowledge come together in a fusion of creative ideas, stories and imagery. Students can write articles, report issues and events and can even submit photographs and paintings and other artistic designs. Education Simplified will announce categories in which you can express your views upon very soon.

The process of submitting your articles will be followed by the voting process where you can vote for your favourite articles/ events etc and after healthy voting they will be published by Education Simplified. Our goal is to inspire a collaboration of students and teachers so that new ideas gets out there and is seen. Our goal is to inspire education.Take education simplified personally. Be a part of it.

a student’s magazine for the students, by the students & of the students. The focus of education simplified is to provide guidance to the students for their entrance exam preparation.


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